No Fear

From Vincent Tolman’s The Light After Death:

          “Do You Believe in Magic?” Drake Asked.

          “What, like waving wands and saying speels?”

         He smiles. “No. That’s all storytelling. I’m talking about the essence of the word, its core meaning: having

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A Message From The Angels

We live in spacetime, a void of utter darkness punctuated by specs of radiation and mass…sojourning deep within this long black night.

We live in utter brilliance, light beyond dazzling, so bright, so white it is a brilliance beyond a…

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Headset Theory

Headset Theory

On the 18th of January of this year I attended a Zoom event off the beaten path. Not a happy birthday, but rather a happy death-day. Yes! In all seriousness. And joy.

But what’s joyous about death?!

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A Truly Blessed Christmas

I don’t know…It seems that people are doing Christmas a little brighter and bigger this year. And why? 

Well, I have my thoughts, but they’ve been formed through so many years of rules and exceptions and expectations and…

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Freedom or Enslavement

We are living in epic times. Darkness’ strength is that it darkens and deludes. By delusion, it makes itself appear more ferocious and unstoppable than it is. But this, too, is its Achilles' heel. It is only an illusion…

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A New Angel Among Us

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Take a look around you. Have a listen. I think a lot of what you’ll hear is fear. It seems to be coming from all corners these days. Whether it’s a virus, or…

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Do They Know...

...It's Easter 

...a celebration of freedom and rising from our mortal state. 

And why wouldn't anyone want this? 

Regardless, it will happen. It is not religion and so does not depend on one’s religion. It is science…

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Just Around the Corner...

The battle between Good and Evil is real. This realm was delivered unto the Prince of Darkness to try to fool humanity. What would we choose? But that decision has already been made. We are the light that must send…

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A Teacher's Lesson

A friend and I used to joke back when we worked in the UCI Cancer Biosimulation Lab that statistical methodology in research papers was so often misapplied that it made an old joke appear legitimate in comparison. You know… 


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