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When the Bough Breaks

Did you know that 


Mythology is Simply Truth Disguised as Fiction? 


Yes, when I was in high school, a teacher taught me that poetry is simply prose rich in meaning and imagery. In the same…

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Not a Dream

Although my website is nominally a “music” website, there is something deeper that comes with it—some source from which the music arises and is inspired by and to which the music gives voice. I don’t mean talent, practice, or…

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We Wrestle Not Flesh

Recently, I have had the opportunity to talk about, or at least mention, Near Death Experiences to various people I’ve met—often in the context of a recent loved one’s passing. Many people “have faith,” and their religion teaches that…

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On the Afterlife

On the Afterlife 

I make no apology for it. I study Near Death Experiences, or NDEs. I find them— as Mr. Spock would say—fascinating, and urgently credible in what they are telling us. I urge you to pay…

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Beautiful Dreamer

We were put here to dream a beautiful dream. We knew we would again awaken. But such things are easily forgotten, and sweetly poisoned fragrance numbs the mind, the heart, the soul to sleep. Sweetly scented flowers ease the…

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What is an NDE? 

As some of you know I recently went to a conference in Orlando on Near Death Experiences (NDEs). These are experiences by people usually under extreme stress resulting from bodily injury, a medical emergency or…

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What is Love?

The notion struck me that loving is more the art of navigating the absurdities and contradictions within our realm. Learning to accept opposites and complements and impossibilities as fully and deservedly as the rest. Despite that it’s not comfortable, not…

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Let There Be Light

Christmas is about Light, about Light, about Light. Let Light not just shine but be the complete foundation of space-time and earth-sky and material-spirit, and everything else. It is the celebration of the Eternal Golden Cord, the Christ, who unites…

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Who Am I?

Written by Dipesh Bhattara

I would like to start by dividing the subject into two parts for simplicity:

The Internal Me
The External Me
Let me start with the difficult part: the internal me. Recently, l have been exposed…

The Chains We Forge

This is where I become scientific. The Vedic literature such as the Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita are science. Pantanjali understood this in his treatment of Yoga. Sorry, Virginia, yoga is not a type of exercise. Sri Krishna is the…