A Teacher's Lesson

A friend and I used to joke back when we worked in the UCI Cancer Biosimulation Lab that statistical methodology in research papers was so often misapplied that it made an old joke appear legitimate in comparison. You know… 

There’s a guy named Jim, who’s a good worker, and a guy named Joe, who’s not. A naïve reading of statistical correlation recommends that the simple solution to improve efficiency is to have Joe change his name to Jim. Duh! 

We can become rather confused about which the road and which the map, and then myopic in substituting the symbol for the reality. So how do we tell “the real thing?” 

I read recently a thougtful teacher’s consideration of the question, 


“How do we know we are true Christians?” 


And, the answer, of course, is that we know we are being true to the image of God by our love for each other. That was Lord Jesus’ highest commandment, after all. 

It helped me personally, as I began investigating afterlife experiences, to learn that often experiencers are urged (by God, by Jesus, or simply beings of light) to “…love them.” There’s something very real about this. And what is real is that there is a fundamental energy field – call it what you wish – of which all things are transient incarnations that eventually return to Source. St. Paul describes this field in 1 Corinthians as “Love.” 

So that all makes sense to me, and I’m grateful for the principal’s reminder. It has become more apparent to me that Spirit does answer some prayers decisively and in one’s favor. Please work on saying some yourself and teaching your children the same. It could be the most critical lesson of our entire existence – not just the part we spend here.