No Fear

From Vincent Tolman’s The Light After Death:

          “Do You Believe in Magic?” Drake Asked.

          “What, like waving wands and saying speels?”

         He smiles. “No. That’s all storytelling. I’m talking about the essence of the word, its core meaning: having an extraordinary power to influence things in a way that defies mortal explanation.”

         “Not really.”

         “Then you don’t believe in miracles?”

         “Oh, yes. I do. But those aren’t magic. Are they?”

       “Not in the fantasy storytelling way, no. But there is a power that you can tap into that can seem like magic. Because you have a spark of divinity in you, you can use that spark to exercise the power of creation. In fact, you have that power available in the physical world. On Earth, can you create an entire building?”

      “No. All I’ve ever done is framing and finishing work. I don’t know anything about making a whole building.”

        “You could if you really wanted to. … “Think about it. You can find an engineer or an architect and have them draft the detailed plans, right?”


       “And then you could hire a general contractor. That person would oversee other people doing the construction until the building was finished.”

          “But I didn’t actually build it.”

         “Are you sure? You may not have made it materialize out of thin air, or even have pounded a single nail. But would that building exist if you did not first envision it? Or if you didn’t start the process that led to its completion?”

          “I guess not.”

      “Making things in the physical world takes physical material and physical labor, but before any of that, it begins with a thought—a vision—and a desire to create something. Your thoughts are the first step in creation.”

         “But that doesn’t seem like magic. It’s more like work.”

         “Who said magic doesn’t require work?”

Listen to this woman’s experience regarding the power of thought—especially the power to overcome negative thought. Do you have negative thoughts you’d like to overcome? When you harbor negative thought, it’s like filling your body and mind with a psycho-spiritual acid. It destroys. 


Video starts at 25:00 and runs for 12 minutes. Spoiler alert! You don’t “block” negative thoughts. You replace them with higher thought—positive thought. Crowded out of your mind, they leave.

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