Do They Know...

...It's Easter 

...a celebration of freedom and rising from our mortal state. 

And why wouldn't anyone want this? 

Regardless, it will happen. It is not religion and so does not depend on one’s religion. It is science, but it is not matter-bound. It was demonstrated by Jesus the Christ. 

But that’s not the Good News. Let me restate that. That is the Good News. But here’s the Great News! 

So Shall We All 

Don’t be so quick to dismiss what you cannot see and touch. You may, in fact, be looking through the eyeglass in reverse. This is not only for “Christians.” This is not only for “theists.” 

But, alas, this is not for everyone. The gift is free, but receiving the gift costs...belief. Yes…It’s that simple. That which we hold to be irrevocably and eternally true is where we eventually “go.” If you believe in Truth, believe in Justice, believe in Love—which is merely another name for God—then you go to Truth, Justice, and God. If you do not, then you do not. 

But you don’t soul-sleep. I’m talking to you, Mr. Atheist, Mr. Scientist, Mr. Cold Steel and Logic. I’ll show you right here, right now, that cannot be the case. I’m a mathematician, so buckle up. 

Proof From Magically Coming Alive 

You were dead forever…and then you came to life! So, you are being quite presumptuous in positing that once you die you just “disappear.” A fair-minded scientist would agree that, hmmmm, it certainly could be the case that we go on. A fair-minded scientist with a smidgen of curiosity would recognize his position isn't very tenable. Q.E.D. 

Proof From Recognizing You Are Alive 

Gee, let me see here…Am I alive? Yeah, try asking yourself that question. If you answer “No,” keep going back until you get the right answer. Now, since you recognize you are, in fact, alive, then you immediately recognize that this You inside of you cannot be due to the matter of which you are made. No, it really can’t. Keep going back until you get that answer correct. Ta DAAA!! What the heck is that *spark* inside that is ALIVE? Uhhh…Hello! That’s MAGIC. You had better retract your position. Q.E.D. 

Proof From People Who’ve Been There, Done That 

Since the dawn of time people have experienced Afterlife Experiences, where they travel out of their bodies, usually because of some grave injury or fright, and go to a place that can be described as heaven. There, they learn tremendous things and converse with God, Jesus, angels, and other “light beings.” Their lives are often changed dramatically when they return. They now know a truth that is so simple, yet so difficult for others to hear. They bring back a joyous message. But you’ve been told it so many times, you should know it by now. No! Not by me! The universe has told you these things many times already. Listen. Q.E.D. 

If you have been paying attention, you can see this is not religion. It is logical, though. So you have no excuse. 

If You Are Alive,  Pray, and Pray Often. It is as necessary as drinking water. 

If You Have Children, Teach Them to Pray. 

Jesus really doesn’t like it when adults mess up kids. Don’t tick Him off. 

And take some time—regardless of your religion, beliefs, or non-beliefs—to consider this spring day. Consider why Easter is celebrated at the opening of the earth's fecundity. Consider it as the Song of the Lord, reminding us we do not die. 

My family will celebrate tomorrow by filling the eggs in the picture with something fun and hiding them around the house for the kids. I think we have some real eggs we can color, too. And then we'll sing some worship songs together on YouTube. The paper Easter Lily is a school project my daughter made. Putting it into a vase of golden bullets was my son's contribution. 

I hope you can find time today to rest and not worry. Just shut your eyes for a minute and reflect on the fact that you’re alive. How does that happen? But when you begin to realize the implications, then you begin to understand that the truth is before your own eyes and has never been hidden. Then you will appreciate and believe in the life, the joy, and the eternal bliss that is the promise of Easter. 

He is Risen. So Shall We All.

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