What is Love?

The notion struck me that loving is more the art of navigating the absurdities and contradictions within our realm. Learning to accept opposites and complements and impossibilities as fully and deservedly as the rest. Despite that it’s not comfortable, not satisfying, not pure...despite that it leaves an itch. Accepting bodies that often break; jobs that fall short of fulfillment; paths chosen that seem full of wrongs done unto us. And accepting these wrongs as just the splinters of others’ imperfectly searching light. 
Goodness is its own antagonist. Sweetness is its own bitterness. Purity is its own annihilation. Because they imply there is something not good, not sweet, something impure. Considering the awesome beauty of the earth and the universe, made of nothing more than dirt and elemental debris, one must admit that dark, imperfect, impure, even threatening things are as entirely a manifestation of the Divine as is a crystal of pure frozen water. 
Love must be big enough to include itself as well as hatred in order to be Love. 
Yes, loving is more the art of accepting the absurdity that the question of meaning sits like a perfectly balanced planet atop the point of a pin. Knowing that it must fall, but seeing that it never does. And in the meantime living as if it were all true.

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