Beautiful Dreamer

We were put here to dream a beautiful dream. We knew we would again awaken. But such things are easily forgotten, and sweetly poisoned fragrance numbs the mind, the heart, the soul to sleep. Sweetly scented flowers ease the struggle to remember or believe.  Still the evidence is inside our eye. We are dreaming…We are being dreamed. We belong to somewhere else. We know that intuitively.

Spirit is on the move in many mighty ways! Something is happening. It is seldom that a Christ comes into the world. It is seldom that a Buddha appears. But indeed they come. You can hear their arrival in the deep political, social, and cosmic rumblings now shaking our world. The harbingers, both dark and light, resound. And just as our very selves and everything around us are carnal shadows cast by the Light of Absolute Purity, the Christ also is moved by compassion and arises from the very center of that Light to appear in the world of suffering. The Buddha is moved out of love to return to awaken the dreamer. Be awake! Be expecting! What incarnation of pure being is now preparing to manifest before our eyes to turn us from the precipice back to clear and clean simplicity and attraction?

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Awakening to our spiritual root is the key to our salvation. It is the only way a world of peace and happiness can exist. Indifference to God is contempt of God. Nothing can survive in a spiritual desert. But in a spiritual dessert even the dead are raised back to life. And while our physical world cannot be perfect, it can and will be GOOD. This is the design God has intended, and Spirit gets what Spirit wants. And in our good world we will find that there is much more beauty, in strange and unexpected forms, than our previously slumbering minds could have envisioned. If that is true for this realm, what then must be true for the heavenly realms? 

We were put here to dream a beautiful dream. We will one day reawaken. The Christ reminds us. The Buddha reminds us. The prophets remind us. The sun and moon and oceans and skies, in obedience to God, have it writ large: 

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