A New Angel Among Us

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Take a look around you. Have a listen. I think a lot of what you’ll hear is fear. It seems to be coming from all corners these days. Whether it’s a virus, or a shooting, or the sexual dysphoria in which the schools baste our children. 

All for the empty promise of safety, when you think about it. 

Safety from economic failure, safety from being unliked, safety from being offended. At such a high price, too! And what do you receive from it? Mr. Franklin spoke truthfully when he said, 

Those who compromise their liberty in return for the promise of safety shall receive and deserve neither. 

Is any of this sinking in during the lockdown? Is any of the greed and avarice of the elitist core of banksters, techno-tyrants, and hateful “Do as I say and not as I do” Toleratti coming through? We’re just too comfortably numb. Can’t take our minds off the big game, free goodies, and The Kardashians just long enough to bleat out recognition that we are sheep led to the slaughter. 

My website is, at its core, an investigation into the simple truth that 

We are not humans having a conscious experience. 

We are spirits having a human experience. 

Yes, all the conundrums fall away when that is recognized. When we turn down the fear, tune out our rulers' voice and tune in our Master's Voice, the Gordian Knot slips and falls open upon the ground. It's magic, and you know how to do it. Because all the problems, we made for ourselves. And all the anger, we made for ourselves. And all the pain, we made for ourselves. At that very moment we recognize what we reconnect with the Divine, the bad dream just sort of folds camp and disappears. 

Listen to Ben’s Story 

The Near Death Experience is about as close as you can get to the core of the reactor without being the core of the reactor. But we are the core. We’ve been told this in so many different ways. Whether is be through the Vedic scriptures, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Jewish Torah, the teachings of Gautama Buddha, the New Testament of Jesus the Christ, or the Book of the Hopi. They teach the same truth. 

Yes they do. 

But you have to dive deep to see this. Really deep. Guess what? Many of us have! And they bring back good news! 

It’s not just good…It’s Great. 

But it’s hard to explain. Ineffable is the word that is constantly used. And sometimes nightmarishly hellish. Yes…that’s for real. But always for the purpose of pointing the soul back to the Ineffable. The Bible calls it Love. God is Love. And if Jesus ever said that He was God, then He meant that He was Love. And that only through Love will we return to our rightful kingdom. Interestingly, a large percentage of NDEs are returned with the message, 

“Tell them to Love one another." 

I think Jesus had something really big there. 

Take a good look around you, how far we have fallen because we have forgotten whence we came. Yup. It’s that simple. Remember it. Honor it. And the vileness simply withers and falls away. And you get to see clearly. More clearly than you ever have before. 

Listen to Ben’s Story 

Listen to what he saw one day at school. Listen to his question at the end. It’s rhetorical. But it might get you thinking. Ben passed away about a week after he made this video. So he knows the answer. 

So please watch. And please read

You could see something that just might change your life. I hope it does. Yours and everybody’s. 



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P.P.S. Have you ever had an experience that made you think outside the conventional wisdom and reconsider what this "reality" really is? Have you ever witnessed something that defied logic and earthly rationality? To which there could only be an explanation involving higher powers? 

I am compiling such experiences, including some of my own. 

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