What is This About?

Welcome to Long Black Night of Brilliance, the home of Ventura County, CA based songwriter and composer, JP Sinek.

My music is of a flowing classical piano style with rock and pop influence. Its soul is driven by the ancient desire for meaningful and satisfying answers. Investigations and tours into life's rhymes, enigmas, and gifts that inspire my work can be enjoyed here.

Of these, I maintain a focused interest in "Afterlife Experiences" (Near Death Experiences) in which people leave their bodies, typically under extreme stress, and inhabit a dimension whose core substrate is ineffable love and belonging. These experiences nourish humanity's ancient belief that there is an existence more complete, more fulfilling, and immeasurably more loving than this mortal sphere.

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The Music on This Site

This site is all about our spiritual nature. Of the sciences and the arts, mathematics and music are, in my view, the most capable of transcendence beyond the mortal into the heavens. As it happens, I am both a mathematician and a musician. The songs and instrumentals on this site are my own, written and performed by me. You can listen here or by pressing the play button at the bottom left of this screen.

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