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LoveBurst was written to satisfy a solicitation for a "Christmas instrumental." It was returned with the comment that it wasn't "Christmassy" enough.

Yes, it's not. Because Christmas isn't about toys and parties. It's not about our enslavement to iPhones and the moronic tastes of "adults" who can't be bothered about the fundamental questions of truth, liberty, justice, and God.

Nor is Christmas about religion. It's about the Light of Heaven connecting with the flesh of earth reminding us that our time here is short, and we are expected to make this world a reflection of our eternal home.

Take a look around you and see where our reckless superficiality has gotten us. If you aren't concerned about your eternal existence... If you aren't bothering to teach your children to pray...If your urgency is exclusively devoted to attaining that shiny new Tesla, then I have a simple message for you.

Wake Up

You won't be granted a pass feigning ignorance.

LoveBurst Lyrics




Is this the Night of LoveBurst?

Is this the Night the world stops and dissolves all fear?

Is this the Night I’ve dreamed of?

Is this the Night I’ve hoped with every waking breath?



All things new.

The old and tired has fallen through.



I hear the breeze it’s calling.

It slips and slithers, comforts all my open wounds.

I see the night, she’s falling.

I bid the sun goodbye. We know we’ll meet again.


Chorus BuildUp

The earth stops its rolling.

The oceans stop flowing.

The stars are exploding.

The LoveBurst is coming…



This is the Night of the Fire in the sky making all things new again.

I’ve never been so alive, so I cry to the sky, “This is LoveBurst!”

All things new.

Is this the Night…?



Final Chorus

All things new.

The old and tired has fallen through.

All things new.

Is this the Night?

The night we’ve all dreamed of?

Is it tonight?


Or will you taunt and tease and wait just one more day?