On the Afterlife

On the Afterlife 

I make no apology for it. I study Near Death Experiences, or NDEs. I find them— as Mr. Spock would say—fascinating, and urgently credible in what they are telling us. I urge you to pay heed as well. 

It isn’t religion, it isn’t illusion, it isn’t superstition. It’s neither up nor down nor anywhere in particular, but everywhere all the same. People actually experience death and return to tell about it. And there are wondrous similarities amongst their experiences so as to strongly point to some utterly mindblowing simple liberating truths. 

Some choose to reject the obvious, often under the guise of “science,” and go on pouting like brats angry with their parents. It’s just as obvious that there is more to life than matter. There is also spirit. Indeed, there may only be Spirit. 

Here…it’s easy to see in this video of Richard Dawkins titled Sex, Death, and the Meaning of Life 


My, But Materialistic Atheism Looks Delicious 

Richard Dawkins is a world-renowned evolutionary biologist who propounds the idea that evolution, and therefore life, is driven by the gene’s desire to replicate. Sort of a general purpose explanation of life in coldly mechanical terms. In cosmological physics Steven Hawking proffers a similar idea that gravity explains everything. 

Unsurprisingly, many modern scientists and philosophers conclude there is no Spirit. It’s all material. Everything can be accounted for by matter and energy. Dawkins, himself, is militantly atheistic. 


Watch Richard Dawkins in Sex, Death, and the Meaning of Life


If genes with a lust for replication explain the evolutionary trajectory, and if primordial gravitons account for the satisfaction you feel at having eaten a hamburger for breakfast last night, then, well…yeah…they’re kinda right. Matter explains everything. There is no Spirit. There is no Big Boss, no Cosmological Carpenter, no Big Dude, no God. You just one day *pop* into existence, then one day *pop* back out forever. And the “you” that you feel while alive is just your imagination… Right? 


Uhh, Houston…We Have a Problem 

Hold the phones, Jones…Back it up, Jack!  There’s a problem with that—a really BIG one. Matter doesn’t feel anything, so why does the matter making up my body—more particularly, my brain—make me feel things? More centrally, why do I feel anything at all if I’m just a machine? What is it about the stuff I’m made of that endows me with a sense of “me-ness” that the metal and plastic of a car doesn’t? 

You can think all day long about that and you won’t come up with an answer. Because no matter how you arrange lifeless matter—elements 1 through 152—you can’t make it feel things—especially that it’s alive! It’s a non-sequeter. It’s a non-starter. 


Puzzle Me This… 

The materialistic explanation of everything says that when you die you just evaporate and are heard from no more. So you’re going to die once and stay dead forever, right? That’s odd, because before you were born you already were dead forever…Yet here you are. And if it happened once, dontchathink it could happen again? And if it could happen again, maybe it happens a lot. Maybe the real “me” doesn’t die but just continues on and on and on and on …. Do you really think that even all the smartest minds in the world hooked up in series know enough to rule out the possibility? 


Yes, Virginia, There is a Heaven 

And it’s not only possible, it’s pretty likely. It’s the one hypothesis that explains why we all carry about within us this deep quest for home. A home that, by the way, numerous, numerous, numerous people have gone on to visit and then returned to continue their ordinary lives among us. Yet they are utterly transformed by the experience. It is known as a “near death experience,” or “NDE,” and it not infrequently happens on operating tables, in car accidents, and in situations where the intensity is enough to knock you out of your socks. 

NDEs cast deep doubt on a strictly materialistic explanation of our universe and our lives. Instead, they—nearly to the case—point to a spiritual existence far greater and far more real than what we dimly perceive in this present form. 

Most NDErs report a wonderful sense of peace and love, and an overwhelming sense of returning home. Almost all report an out of body experience where they sometimes exist as “pure energy” with extremely enhanced vision and hearing and mental comprehension. Extremely enhanced. There’s super surrealistically beautiful light a thousand times brighter than the sun that fills everything but doesn’t hurt at all to look directly into. Often they encounter and speak with deceased relatives who look in their prime, but also discover that they “know” all these people in heaven—intimately like immediate family. 

Upon returning to their earthly lives, bodily trauma and cancer and disease is not infrequently healed from catastrophic states to “like new” in miraculously short time. Fear of death vanishes. Sometimes psychic phenomena manifest from the individual—bulbs and computers blowing out, reading of minds, foreknowledge of events. Very often previous doubt or atheistic bent is washed away by a deep sense of knowing. 

The materialist perspective claims this is an illusion of the dying, hypoxic brain (just like you, yourself are). Yet confirmation of veridical out of body perception thoroughly disproves this. There are volumes of cases of distant seeing, hearing, and knowing that have been corroborated by empirical evidence. In short, you have to twist the argument into a pretzel involving dying brain tissue giving rise to an entirely coherent, conscious, hyper-real experience with eyes taped closed, ears plugged, fully anesthetized with blood halted and drained. Yeah, you can follow that logic over Donner Pass, but it’s not for me. 

NDEs provide a rich mine of information regarding the afterlife and our spiritual nature.  The following are two interesting ones I picked out to share. You can find them and many others on my Afterlife Stories page. 



Nancy Rynes NDE - Atheist goes to Heaven


Yolaine Stout - A Suicidal Near-Death Experience and What it Taught Me About Life



Deeper Than a Worm

There’s this hilarious scene in Dawkin’s video—hilarious to me—where he’s talking to some poindexter perfesser of similar washed out, pruned soul persuasion, and sez, “Well of course, we’d have to ‘feel’ ourselves like that in order to be an efficient machine.” That’s his ‘splanation of why we are under the illusion we “feel” ourselves alive. Because the machine needs it to function! 

Can I get a Big DUH!! 

This has been Richard Dawkins... over and out. 

Ok, so like, if you’re still with me and you’ve read to the end you can number yourself among a small human minority that can honestly tell its children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren that , 


Yes…I’ve Thought Deeper Than the Level of a Worm About My Life 


On Trump 

I make no apology for it. I support Donald Trump. Not for the man, but for the ideas and principles he is fighting to restore to America and, since I’m a big-hearted guy, to the world. 

Populism is popular, and there is an uprising afoot. We are not fighting flesh but demonic principalities. And Spirit’s angels are amongst us on our side. Soul-dead creatures seize financial, political, cultural, and marshal reigns of power while the foolish masses (there’s a reason “assses” is the biggest part of that word) get drunk on bread crumbs and circuses. In our case, smart phones. 

But there’s an uprising afoot, and it ain’t just Donald Trump, baby. It’s you, me, and the deep blue sea, and the boom’s gonna drop pretty soon and pretty loud. 

So yeah, I support being neat, polite, demure, not boastful, kind, generous, strong, empathetic and rational and moral. And I oppose all the things that are easily distinguishable as pure evil and rot and hopelessness coming from a generation’s mind that has been stupefacted by its gluttony. The shutting down of free speech by violence. The locking and forcing of one’s conscience. These are things I oppose and will fight. 

If you have a brain like me, and more importantly, a conscience and a moral compass and an open heart and mind, please check out the following sites. A stable, strong, safe, encouraging environment for you, your children, theirs, and beyond—everywhere!—depends, believe it or not, on YOU.


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