Wistful Reflection

I recently visited a fellow musician’s website to listen to his work and offer words of encouragement. I was greeted by an uncomplimentary depiction of a man whom I invest with a great deal of my trust and for whose well-being I earnestly pray: President Trump. 

So was the unflattering depiction edgy? Risque? 

No. Just a turn off. Don’t much feel like visiting the artist again. 

What can I say? 

It’s not cool to keep bashing a class of people for their beliefs, hopes, and fears. It’s not cool for a major political party within the American government to foment discord, distrust, jealousy, and anger. It leads to the scapegoating of an entire class, upon whom the rest of society is encouraged to vent its frustrations. 

It leads to war. 

In exactly the same way it led to the war begun by the Nazi Regime of Germany. You know, it’s instructive to see how the people of the Weimar Republic saw the inhumanity around them, yet increasingly accepted it as normal and even salutary. 

But we enjoy our bread and circuses, Mmmmm. Maybe because it’s our last meal if people do not wake themselves up from their soporific stupor. We're losing everything due to our indolence. 

Lord Guatama told us, “If there were a serpent in your home, you would not sleep, you would not rest, you would not cease searching until you found the serpent and drove it out lest it bite and kill you.” 

And what of a serpent that kills the soul? 

Far worse, I should think. 

Is it obvious why atheism is the law of the land, taught in schools and enforced in the public and corporate square? Because if people discovered they were spirit and not mere machine, then the chains would drop clean off. 

Bad for business. 

But really, when I look at the man in the mirror I hear a million voices say 

Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. 

Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. 

Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. 

Ok, it may not be much, but I’m trying to waken people. I’m trying to awaken people. I’m trying to do something. I'm trying to awaken people. 

                                 We didn’t use to be like this. 

                                                      We didn’t used to live in fear like this. 

                                                                        We didn’t used to live in anger like this. 

Not like this. 

We used to have belief in something higher in a place where true mercy and justice would be dispensed once and for all. Call it God, call it the Afterlife, call it Truth, call it Love, call it Krishna, call it Jesus. 

Evil triumphs when good people do nothing to stop it... 

When the ones praying for darkness pray more often and fervently than the ones praying for light... 

When the ones who could stop it expend no energy to become aware. 

When the "good people" lose faith and therefore simply watch instead of offering even a whispered wish that could awaken the sleeper. 

It’s not that hard, but it does take effort.

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