The Chains We Forge

This is where I become scientific. The Vedic literature such as the Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita are science. Pantanjali understood this in his treatment of Yoga. Sorry, Virginia, yoga is not a type of exercise. Sri Krishna is the voice of God explaining to Arjun how to know God now, not later. Because there is a science to faith and to belief. You have to really believe, and that is something that takes practice. There is a science  to learning it.
There is very little separation between now and eternity. There is little separation between dreams and waking hours. They are both the flesh of delusion and at the same time conduits of the Eternal Spirit. In order to see this, you do have to want to see it. If you cling to matter and facts and the facts of the matter as your saviour, they will not make you see it.

You have to choose to see it.

Seriously, you didn't know that?! You didn't know that you choose Life or Death; Peace or Torment; Love or Emptiness? You thought the facts would present themselves and you'd scratch your chin, taste the rarefied ether of your academic excellence, weigh the evidence and come to a conclusion?! No. Oh no. You've got it all backwards, I'm afraid. Facts and matter are like lumber and building materials. You can make whatever you want with them. Some of it is beautiful; some is pure waste and garbage. Sorry, your kitchen table will not tell you the meaning of life. It will discuss it with you, but it won't tell you.


Ahhh, let's see now...the hypoxic brain in the throes of its electrocutive demise integrated with the subtleties of subconscious and unconscious perception creates the mother of all hallucinations, right? Well, hallelujah for hallucinations, don’tcha think!! And are the chemical reactions in your cranium hallucinating yourself alive?...Or are you alive and just dreaming the hallucination that chemical reactions are taking place in your brain?

How 'bout this:
Why not ask the hallucination going on deep inside whether it's real or not?

It will tell you. If it's a trick, it's a pretty damned good one. And my guess is that you're not going to be able to untrick it. So listen to this story about the other side. You’re going there pretty soon, so why not become familiar now? This dense and dark and dull world that you think you will remain in forever is just a pot of poisoned honey filled with dead and dying insects. Don't be one of them. So, here…try something that will change your life. You’re going to love it. It’s the greatest thing since breath. One caveat…you’re doing to have to die.
Let me know how it goes.

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