Where You're Going

I’ve spent a lifetime asking the question, “What is this and why is it such a piece?”
Which reminds me of something that is inextricably bound up in everything else, in particular, this. In high school we had a Spanish teacher from Columbia. Very nice and good man, may God bless him. He had that slidy, slippery, Mark of Zoro accent. The kind that makes “people” sound like “pipple,” “sheep” sound like “ship,” and “sheet” sound like…well, you get it. One time he was in front of the class and instructed us thus:
Ok…Class…Tonight I want you to go home and take out a piece of sheet of paper…
Except he used that cool accent. Roger Mah, the class pervert, was the first to pick up on it and trumpet, “Oh, we’re supposed to take out a piece of **** tonight and turn it in! Ha ha ha HAAAAWWW.” And it was damned funny.
So you see my point. It’s everywhere! The question isn’t just academic: What is this, and why is it such a piece? Being the mathematician, my question never went away, but has stayed with me all my life. You see, faith is great, but people have that all wrong. Faith isn’t childish belief. It is childlike belief.
It’s childish to run across a freeway hoping that you won’t be hit. That isn’t faith.
But being on the whole ignorant that it is the narrow bandwidth of your space-bound senses through which you expect the entirety of the earth, sky, and heavens to squeeze through...
     ... and that your eyes react to photons that cannot, themselves, be seen,
     ... and that your brain reconstructs reality from sensory vibrations from which you infer a source out of whole cloth,
     ... and that you just don’t know what you don’t know
     ... but it is God’s intention that you do know that you know that you know...
You step out the door.
And largely survive, not because you’re so great and have got it all right, but because you’re so trusting, so innocent, so childlike. That’s faith. And that is what will save you. Fairytales, Myths, and Legends have the ability to become real when we need them to be real.
Wait for it.