Mature Audiences Only

Some of you will be excited. Some of you will be interested. Some of you will be frightened. Some of you will laugh. Some will cry. Some will wonder.  
We think we know things…who we are, what this planet is…this place. We think we understand cause and effect...that tables are hard and pillows are soft, and they never dream. We think neurons, receptors, and proteins explain why we hurt…why we laugh…why we cry.
Of course we don’t. And we know that. We know beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt that something’s not right. It doesn’t matter how many flavors and colors of quarks, strings, and branes we discover. M-Theory isn’t the answer. And we know that. Even as we print, publish, and price the massive tomes of our collective knowledge, we know that they are empty.
It doesn’t matter what we say…it only matters what we know. And we know that. Pretend all you want.
The Ptolemaic system arranged the universe quite neatly, with us at the center, stars engraved in the firmament, and spheres within spheres rotating frictionlessly. We knew that. But now we know better. We think we do. But we really don’t.
You see, there’s a Ghost in the machine. Pretend all you want it isn’t true. It is true.
People do rise from the dead. It should be obvious. And when they do, they say the things that strike fear into men’s hard hearts. But don’t cover them. Don’t cover your ears this time. Listen…
Ok, I know. You can’t be fooled. You’re too smart for that. Just go to work tomorrow, business as usual. Forget everything you’ve heard. Why not? You already have. That’s why you’re bothered. Because you know there’s something you’ve forgotten. You know it.
Try staying on the surface. At first you’ll think you can do it. Then you might get a little scared. Then you’ll struggle and get it back for a moment and think you can do it still. And then this happens…

Wait, there’s just one more message. It’s a bit distressing, so be prepared. Don’t read it if you think it will bother you. Here it is, in the words of those who have died. . .
“Death…to me…Death is a wonderful experience.
I have lost the fear of death, and would tell a person that death is just another experience which everyone would enjoy…rather than be scared of.”
. . .
“If I were in a road accident, I’d be quite happy to stay where I was. My children have all grown up. I’ve got no problems, no difficulties, certainly no fear of death. It’s almost now as if I’d actually welcome it.”
. . .
“Death is an illusion. I think death is a really nasty, bad lie. I don’t see any truth in the word, ‘death,’ at all.”
Are you frightened?
Maybe not. Maybe you get it. Yes, that’s it…you’re starting to remember. It only hurts for a moment, and then you remember. Here…you spoke these words before you came. Read them, and try to remember …
There is no reason to fear death. You cannot die. The body dies. You lay down the body. The spirit goes on. You simply cannot die. And so you have so much to look forward to……We are in a great place of transition on the earth. We are rising into a whole new dimension. We are really ascending our spiritual bodies on earth, and it’s no accident you are living now, no matter how hard your life may be. You are on earth. You have a purpose. We are here to co-create heaven on earth. We are here to share and heal each other into the light.

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