When the Bough Breaks

Did you know that 


Mythology is Simply Truth Disguised as Fiction? 


Yes, when I was in high school, a teacher taught me that poetry is simply prose rich in meaning and imagery. In the same way, mythology is truth disguised as fiction. You have to be flexible with interpretation. Logic can bend yet remain true. Images, names, and people are not required to be “factual” in order to be true. It’s difficult to know just where reality ends and imagination begins. And in fact, many great modern minds believe we are in a “matrix” – a simulation of sorts. Near Death Experiences show that this is, indeed, the case. Reality is built so that time and age blur the edges so you’re never sure where one begins and the other ends. 

Many people have had a glimpse of what lies beyond, and it is entirely beyond description. In what are known as Near Death Experiences (NDEs) people have consistently recounted the following: 

  • A sense of timelessness – that time ceases to have meaning 
  • A sense of vastly sharpened 360 degree vision, despite sometimes having no body and existing as a “ball” of energy. 
  • An immediacy of communication, where thought forms manifest with crystal clarity and no possibility of misunderstanding. 
  • Intensely loving experiences and communication with “Beings of Light,” including angels, other risen people, Jesus, and God. 
  • A deep sense of belonging and of peace and of “coming home” from which one does not wish to depart, but is either forced to or is convinced of. 
  • The unshakable conviction, upon returning, that what one experiences is real—more real than ordinary reality, which compares as a dream. 
  • The consistently repeated and emphasized message that our entire purpose is to love—God, the world, our lives, and one another. 

Some are given only the briefest of glimpse, yet their lives are changed. Others are given the “grand tour” of the universe wherein all things are explained right down to the meaning of life (expressed simply as “To love”). They are not allowed to bring back their knowledge because it would make it impossible for them to live. And they are told they must return because they have not finished “their mission.” 


Jesus Speaks With an Attempted Suicide 


Some experiences go the opposite direction, but it seems that these experiences are used to save souls by showing them “The Ghost of Christmas Future.” 


God Intervene’s to Save Addict From Hell After Overdose 


When Jesus says, “You are healed. Your faith has saved you. Go in Peace,” He’s not saying that you’ve passed a test and should grab a piece of candy on the way out. He means precisely that—Faith Saves. And heals. And works miracles. Because we are of a Spiritual Fundament, temporarily masquerading in the third dimension-plus-time as matter. Matter does not cause life, thought, feelings, I-Am-Ness…It simply dances with it…for a short while.

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