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  1. Illusion (1998)


Copyright 1998 John P. Sinek

Who thinks these grand schemes to give by, to live by?
Who makes what will be – what survives, and what dies?
Who made us what we are? Helped us come so far?
I question what you are.
Who made so many stars that shine their light so far;
Yet right here where we are it’s still so very dark.

You can buy all your comfort.
You can even buy your youth when you are old.
You can drug the world into a sea of pretty, shining faces.
There’s nothing...or so I’m told.

You can digitize these human lives.
Medicate to null and vacant mind.
The perfection of illusion is the state of today’s art.
It breaks the skin, descends within, and liberates the dark.

Seize your money. Seize your gold.
Fix your sight on the blinding light.
There’s nothing...or so I’m told.

Seize your numbers.
Quantify the measure of success.
Believe, believe in fantasies we swallow whole this way.
How can the mind be open when the heart died yesterday?

Seize your money. Seize the symbols you’ve been told.
The sun that shines will often blind
The ones that can’t let go...Let go...

But...if you leave the land to walk on water
And never end up getting wet...
Is there magic so deep inside you,
You never, never can forget?

And once the spell is bent and finally broken,
And one remembers 1 defines the norm;
Then one creates reality,
And this is how the world is finally born.

And you make what can be
Free to laugh and free to cry.
And you make what is free--
Free to live and free to die.