Let There Be Light

Christmas is about Light, about Light, about Light. Let Light not just shine but be the complete foundation of space-time and earth-sky and material-spirit, and everything else. It is the celebration of the Eternal Golden Cord, the Christ, who unites irrevocably the physical and bounded with the ethreal and ever-present. 

And I’m quite interested in that Light, because certain desires for understanding have and are becoming realized. I pushed them long and far enough to where they are beginning, methinks, to bear fruit. 

Just to cue you, things do happen…incredible things…Mythological figures do really exist, I double dare you!!  Yes, it’s all happening right under our noses: magic here, fairy dust there, angels and demons in spiritual conflict there that often transects the physical. 

And the crowning touch is this guy who claims to be from another dimension (so to speak) all lovey dovey and one with the Big Piece o’ Peace, Joy, Nirvana, Bliss, yet who risks his neck to whisper into my ear that, “It’s an illusion. Give it all up. The absolutely only thing you need to do is Love Me, Each Other, and Life, the Universe, and Everything.” And then underscores it with perhaps the epic love story of this sheaf of the multiverse. 

In brief: God and Jesus, being One, assented to and blessed the mission to produce a projection of the Light, or Spirit, into the physical dimension. Mathematically, it’s a collapsing via the projection operator, producing an isomorphism of God within the physical realm. So this Jesus Dude, being One with the Light, just comes and does it big time! Very odd, this man. Very unusual. Seems to possess other-worldy powers. Glows a bit. Did a get-well trick that really made my jaw drop. Even…raised someone they say was dead...back to fresh and clean as a whistle. And alive. 

The main show all the stunts were about: Love. Have some empathy. Have some pity. To the ones you like. To the ones you like to like. And to the ones you hate to like. It’s not that they don’t deserve it…they do. We all do. Just keep in mind they need and are going to continue to need tons and tons of daily mercy, just like you. 

Pure mysticism, but wait, there’s more. He walked the walk, He did something that separates the boys from the men, the big-mouth talkers from the blood and guts walkers. When you really believe something down to its core, you then have the power to do something extraordinary. Something that transcends mortality. You have the power to show everybody how illusory and empty this physical existence is, and how it is impossible for one to ever die and therefore how everyone is utterly, astoundingly, frighteningly FREE!! 

And that was exactly what Jesus did. He showed everybody just how powerless all this garbage was against the eternal. I’ll show you what I mean. And then he ordered up a cross and crucifixion special. To go. 

That’s serious business. Kinda makes you think it’s possible He knew what He was doing. I’ve been in positions where saying the wrong thing could be costly. And even though the wrong thing was the right thing to say, I still found it hard to say the wrong thing. The contrast is staggering. 

And a lot of people take Him seriously. A couple thousand years and billions of people later, it seems to be a conflagration. But I’ve noticed that, despite how revolutionary and mindblowingly great it is, too many people are embarrassed to talk about it. Too many people are embarrassed to be the light and messenger that they should be. 

And here’s where you need to step out of your shell. Jesus said I expect you to do all these things I’ve done and better! (John 14:12). So begin by saying, “Merry Christmas” to the store clerk, your coworker, the gas attendant, your spouse. Say it when school is in session and when school is out. Leave it on your out of office assistant. Start embarrassing yourself and others by talking about God in public and how you are really a spirit inhabiting a body and can float outside of it at will (as soon as you learn how to). 

Yes, Christmas is about Light, about Light, about Light. It’s about how we actually are light, or spirit, or holy ether, or something like that, just like the guy on the mission said and showed us. And we’re supposed to shine. 

It’s not metaphorical. “Somebody” really came “down here,” kicked some heini, and, mission complete, returned to base. Look, are you so naïve as to be unaware that some of those beings you see driving on the freeway alongside you aren’t completely physical? You don’t really think there aren’t any spirits, do you?  Well, maybe you do, but I wonder if you’re game enough to unwind your beliefs one at a time to see if you can spot the contradiction. You’re not going to spot it, because there is none. If you’re honest with yourself, then at this point it gets spooky, cause you realize that, by gum, you really have no evidence or cause to disbelieve such nonsense. It’s almost as if you can choose which you want, and it will be magically self-consistent. 

Congrats! You’ve got it! You get to choose your world. It’s a lot easier than it looks. You want peace, light, joy, belonging, togetherness, complete unity, and love? You’ve got it. You just have to let go of everything. 

Here's the real Christmas message. Watch from 5:00 through 7:10. Reports are a comin' in. Hallucination? Sure, just like feeling well. Dude, it's an eternal party! So what if it's an hallucination!!

I really hope you and me and a whole lot more people get it, day by day. And spread it, day by day.  It’s mind blowing down to its core. You’re going to see it for reals sometime, somewhere down that road a ways. Have no doubt about that. No doubt at all. In the meantime, live it! 

Merry Christmas, Friends! 

Happy Birthday, Jesus! 

You’re a Magical Baby, 

                               An Awakened Child, and 

                                                                    An Awesome Friend.

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