Awakenings From the Light

This time I’m bringing you the afterlife experience of Nancy Rynes. Why? Because I want to. I feel called to do it. Maybe someone out there needs it. 

Watch the Afterlife Experience of Nancy Rynes

You know, in looking back over my newsletters I’m really impressed with the quality I bring you! I wish more read it because I’m trying to bring a message. And it’s 100% true and real. And it’s 100% beautiful and will save your soul. Why wouldn't you care about your soul? Because if your not bowing to God, then your bowing to the clergy administering the state religion -- the “experts” that tell you just how long you'll stay locked up and to whom you'll pray when it's all over. That never ends well. Read a thing called history. 

I met and spoke with Nancy Rynes at the 2016 IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies) conference in Florida. I felt like I already knew her because this stuff is like my back yard. It’s what I’ve thought about and dwelt upon my entire life. Didn’t say much, didn’t “interview” her. But I could feel her inner warmth. You learn things when you’re up there. And you come back utterly changed. 

In her book, Awakenings from the Light, she gives the details around her bicycle accident that led her to the operating table that led her to heaven. For four and ½ minutes she died on that table, but time doesn’t exist up there. To her it felt like forever. That’s often the description given. In that 4 ½ minutes of forever, beings of light—Yes! Beings of Light!—welcomed her. But they had a message for her. And this message came in what Nancy later wrote out as “awakenings” they spoke and showed to her to bring back to us. For example, did you know you are supposed to love your life? Weird, huh?! Did you also know you are supposed to quiet your soul to listen to Spirit? That Spirit talks when you listen? That Spirit actually tells you what you should do in order to fix everything? You have to listen. That’s called prayer. Yeah, prayer is listening as much as it is talking. You know what? If you want to get the other awakenings, you can buy the book. You have to show you’re interested, otherwise God sort of says, “Ok, my cute little fool. I’ll just go in the other room while you screw up everything. It’s called free will. I hope you come around. Soon. It’s a limited time offer." 

Our World is Entering into a Transformative Change 

Don't pretend you don't see it. I have had so many messages from Spirit over the last, oh…30 years. And they are coming fast and loose now. Look at what is happening in the world right before your eyes! Hey Sherlock, there’s more to it than just a virus. But you have eyes. You have ears. You have a brain. Use them. 

Wake Up!

I’d like to thank my sister for giving me her “story of the supernatural.” Please send me your story of the supernatural--any occurrence in your life that you see as being beyond a purely materialistic matter-and-energy explanation. I’m compiling them. You can read about one of mine here. You may or may not think much of it, but it sure made an impression on me. 

Please Share Yours as Well 

Anyhoo…I wish I could reach more people with this newsletter. I’m thinking of opening a YouTube channel. It’s not clear what I would say or do. I wish more people were interested in what’s really important, rather than the gibberish being spewed forth masquerading as wisdom. But our world no longer knows wisdom. It knows the Fed, the CIA, the WHO, the CDC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and all those "experts" that get it wrong so often, over and over. 

Our World is Entering into a Transformative Change 

People really, really, really should wake up. People really, really, really should wake up. 

Please share this newsletter with a friend. Or an enemy. I don’t care. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Idiotbox, or just, “Hey, friend...let me tell yah the story of a guy named God…” Whatevs. It’s a message worth sharing. 

So What Are You Waiting For?

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