And so it comes to this. A reality of unreality where nothing is as it appears, where the impossible always supersedes the possible, and the key to the mystery is imprisoned in the speck you call "me." Well, at least while you're here. But you're not going to be here forever. Which poses the question, where will you be?

That question is very simply answered by some as "Nowhere." You just disappear, at least the "me" part. The anchor around your neck, your body, hangs on for a little while until it, too, disappears, albeit via more traceable routes. The me, you see, was just an illusion.
On the other hand, that question is very simply answered by some as “Everywhere.” Everywhere and always. You don’t disappear, but rather reappear where you’ve always been but have momentarily forgotten. Eternity. Utterly indestructible. Conjoined so perfectly in peace and love with everything, all beings, all places, that really there is no other. No separation, no you, no me, no will be, no was. Just pure brilliant consciousness and belonging. Forever.
This is not a rejection of science and rationality. It is an integration and widening of it. It is neither a dismissal of religion. It is a completion of it. Science and religion and in fact all things coexist, complement, and co-complete, despite the Gordian knot of their apparent mutual contradiction.
On this site is where we examine this most important matter, the Queen of existence, the King of all seen and unseen. Making money is important. So is owning a home, taking care of your spouse, your children, your family. Very much so. But this contains and subsumes them and is, in fact, their origin. They, like everything in this life, are meaningless absent the context of the very much larger picture. It is something promised to you and to me. I am interested. I hope you are, too.